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What is splitsecnd?
splitsecnd is the plug-in car device that can detect a crash, call for help, and help you stay connected on the road. The splitsecnd device plugs into any vehicle’s 12V outlet cigarette lighter and immediately connects drivers to emergency responders, plus provides monitoring features to help you keep up with family and loved ones on the road.

Does splitsecnd call 911 directly?
splitsecnd does not call 911 directly. In the event of a crash or emergency, the device contacts our monitoring center, where trained emergency responders can evaluate the situation and call 911 for you. This ensures that emergency services are not overburdened with false alarms.

What if I accidentally press the splitsecnd emergency button?
Simply tell the splitsecnd response team you pressed the emergency button by mistake.

Will splitsecnd work in my vehicle?
splitsecnd works in any vehicle that has a functional cigarette lighter socket or a 12V DC socket.

Do I need a smartphone for splitsecnd to work?
No. splitsecnd works completely independently of your mobile phone thanks to a built-in cellular modem. All you need is a functioning cigarette lighter in your car.

Will splitsecnd work with my smartphone?
Currently, splitsecnd monitoring features are available on all computer desktops and Android tablets and phones. We hope to provide Apple-compatible monitoring very soon.

How broad is the splitsecnd coverage area?
splitsecnd's cellular network covers 96% of the US population. The coverage map is below.