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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started:

  • What do I need to onboard?
    • Prior to onboarding, make sure you have your VIN number and license plate number handy. You’ll need these when entering your vehicle information.
  • Should I immediately plug my device in when I get it?
    • First, you’ll need to onboard your device. Have your device next to you when onboarding. You’ll need the 8 digit/character Device ID, which can be found on the silver label on the device.
  • The driver information screen won’t let me save or continue. What do I do?
    • When entering your driver information, make sure to fill in all required information fields, denoted by an asterisk, to ensure you can continue to the next page. This includes your name, address, phone number, birthday, preferred language, and an emergency contact.
  • What’s the medical field information used for?
    • The medical field is optional and can be filled out to better inform first responders about your medical state if you’re in an emergency situation. When you check the box indicating you want to enter your medical information, the page requires you to complete all of the boxes. If a box does not apply to use, type NA.

Helpful Tips:

  • We recommend using Chrome or Firefox to view and use the web dashboard.
  • The email you use to sign up will be the master email associated with your account and cannot be changed.
  • Each device is intended to be assigned to one vehicle. If you have multiple cars for one driver, you can select one driver to have multiple cars, with a device in each car.
  • We recommend plugging the device into the 12V outlet in your vehicle’s dashboard. This ensures that the device receives the best possible GPS signal vs. one in a backseat.
  • The driver and vehicle information can be changed at any time by clicking on the gear icon on each driver card, or by clicking the person icon in the top right corner.

App Questions:

    • Can I onboard on the app?
      • You must onboard your device to the web dashboard before you can login to your app.
    • How do I view my trip log?
      • Click on the driver icon on the map. A red bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. Swipe up to view your trip log. Click on any of those trips to view them on the app.
    • The app does not show my vehicle’s exact current location. Why?
      • It takes about 30 seconds for the GPS signal to register your location, so it will always be accurate, but a few moments behind.
    • How do I change driver or vehicle information on the app?
      • It’s recommended you change that information on the web dashboard. Simply click the gear icon on the driver card or the person icon in the top right corner of the web dashboard to change any driver or vehicle information. This cannot be done directly through the app, but can be accomplished by accessing the mobile web dashboard on your cell phone.

Dashboard Questions:

      • What does the dashed line on my trip mean?
        • The dashed line simply indicates GPS signal wasn’t as strong on that part of your trip.
      • A trip is showing I drove somewhere I didn’t. What’s going on?
        • Once in awhile, the GPS signal gets something small wrong. We’re always trying to improve the product, so feel free to send us a screenshot of any trip flaws you might find.
      • My dashboard says my vehicle has “Lost Contact”. What does that mean?
        • Lost Contact usually happens when you’re driving through a tunnel or have parked in a parking garage.
      • How do I set up boundary alerts?
        Boundary alerts can be set up to detect when a vehicle enters into a determined boundary. A boundary alert will automatically appear on the driver feed. To set up a boundary:

        • On your dashboard, click the ‘Map’ tab at the top of your page.
        • On the white column, click the ‘Boundaries’ tab.
        • Select the vehicle you want the boundary applied to from the drop down menu.
        • Select ‘Add New Boundary’.
        • Complete the ‘Boundary Name’ and ‘Boundary Address’ fields.
        • Move the sliding scale to the desired boundary radius in miles from the address.
        • Check the ‘Notify Me When Driver Arrives’ box if you, as the admin of the dashboard, want an email notification send to you when that driver enters into a boundary.

Device Questions:

      • I want to move my device from car to car. Can I?
        • We discourage “device sharing”, as when you onboard you assign that device to a certain car. In the case of a crash, emergency crews will be looking for the car you entered when onboarding your device.
      • Device lights and their meanings:
        • Red: An emergency call is in progress.
        • Red Flashing: A device update is happening.
        • White: The device is powered on and ready to go.
        • White Flashing: The device is looking for GPS.
      • Should I unplug the device when I park my car so I don’t run out my car’s battery?
        • No! The device automatically shuts itself off after your car has been off for 15 minutes. It will not drain your battery.
      • Will the device work if I’m in an impact crash and my car doesn’t have power?
        • The device has a backup battery that will continue a call if the crash happened before power was lost. Crash detection only works when the car is on.
      • How strong is the cell signal?
        • We have carrier agnostic SIM cards that automatically ping the closest, strongest cell tower to get you the best cell signal possible. We’ve tested the device is various landscapes and the device is able to usually get a signal even when your cell phone doesn’t.
      • Does the device need to pair with the app?
        • The device does not need to be paired with the app in order to work. After onboarding your device on the web dashboard, you can exclusively use the device in your vehicle even if you don’t have the app or don’t have a cell phone in the car with you.
      • Can the device be used to track teen drivers?
        • Sure! With distracted driving on the rise, we think the splitsecnd device is excellent great for teen drivers. The device trip tracking features could help a parent see where a teen has driven, including where they are currently parked. The crash detection and help button could be peace of mind for parents that if they do get in an accident their teen driver would get the help they need.
      • Can the device be used to track elderly drivers?
        • Absolutely! Elderly drivers are a great candidate to have a splitsecnd device in their car
      • Does the device notify me if someone removes it?
        • Currently, there is no notification when someone removes the device from the car.
      • I use my 12V to charge my phone.
        • No problem! Our device has a built-in USB port where you can plug your charging cable.
      • My 12V is broken. Can I plug the splitsecnd device in another way?
        • The device needs the power from your 12V to work, so if your outlet is broken the splitsecnd device will not work.
      • The splitsecnd symbol on the device isn’t lighting up- what’s going on?
        • Your 12V outlet may not be working. Try plugging in another charger or device into the 12V to see if it gets power.
      • Does the device easily pull out of the 12V?
        • The device was designed to fit very snugly into the 12V outlet.
      • I got a new car. How do I update my vehicle information?
        • The driver and vehicle information can be changed at any time by clicking on the gear icon on each driver card or by clicking the person icon in the top right corner.
      • Why is the light on my device pulsing / flashing red?
        • When the led is pulsing red and the device is obviously not placing a call it simply means that the device is automatically updating.

The Help Button:

      • I’m having trouble with my splitsecnd device/dashboard/app/onboarding. Can I use the Help Button for customer support?
        • NO. The help button is for emergencies only. Those operators are there to get people emergency help, and cannot help with product, web, or app issues. Please contact support by emailing or using the contact form on our website at
      • What if my child accidentally hits the Help Button?
        • Don’t fret – just tell the splitsecnd operator that it was an accident. They will not dispatch emergency crews if you tell them you didn’t mean to push the button.
      • Is there a penalty if you hit the Help Button on accident?
        • There is not a penalty for accidental button pushes.
      • In what situations can I use the Help Button?
        • You can press the button if you’re feeling any sort of distress while driving, be it a medical emergency – such as dizziness or extreme pain – or during roadway distress such as the discovery that a car has been following you. road rage. Also, if you witness a crime or car accident, you may also use the Help Button to make a ‘good samaritan’ call.
      • If I’m driving a car and a passenger is experiencing a medical emergency, can I use the Help Button?
        • Of course! The Help Button is there to provide emergency response to the driver and all passengers.
      • Can I use the Help Button to request roadside assistance (e.g. car battery problems, flat tire)?
        • Roadside assistance is not currently available, but is coming soon!


    • How can I purchase splitsecnd?
      • To purchase a splitsecnd device and get set up on automatic payments, go to and select “Buy Now”. You’ll complete your shipping and billing information there.
    • Is payment automatic each month?
      • The $X per month per device is set to auto-pay each month.
    • Is there a family plan?
      • Currently, there is not a family plan package, but you’re encouraged to buy as many devices as you need for your family and will be able to view them all on the same dashboard.
    • Do you offer any discounts or promo codes?
      • At this time there are not any discounts or promo codes. We may have some in the future, which we’ll announce via email, our Facebook, or on our Twitter, so be sure to follow us and check back!