Stay safe.

With splitsecnd, drivers and passengers have instant connectivity to certified first responders and emergency medical assistance.

Voice Communication, Wherever You Need It.

splitsecnd roams on the strongest cellular carrier anywhere in the US with its built-in network-agnostic SIM card. So, no matter where you are, you can rest assured that help is only a splitsecnd away. Speak with a live operator right away in an emergency, via the help button or crash detection. 

Remove the Distraction. No Cell Phone Required.

The splitsecnd technology has been built with safety in mind. When you need help, you don’t need your phone – splitsecnd makes the connection itself, so your loved one can put away any distractions and focus on driving.

Stay connected.

Check in with those you're keeping safe with trip monitoring and push notifications, at any moment.

Locate Loved Ones in a splitsecnd

splitsecnd syncs with your desktop or mobile device for real-time monitoring, giving you a bird’s eye view of your family’s driving activity so you can locate your family members easily and see if they are actively driving, so that you don’t reach out to them and potentially cause a crash.

“After my husband passed away I was very apprehensive about traveling alone in my vehicle. Now I don’t feel alone traveling – splitsecnd is my traveling buddy!”

- Estelle

Notifications and Automatic Alerts

Always know when someone has arrived safely with boundary alerts. You don’t need to ask them – we’ll tell you automatically. If emergency help is ever needed, our operator calls your designated emergency contact to let them know exactly what has happened and where you are.