Set a boundary for a teen and they might stick their toe just across that boundary line. What is it about being young that makes us want to just push the limit? The summer is the most dangerous time for teen drivers, with “new teen drivers ages 16-17 years old being three times as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash“. Having conversations about expectations, combined with installing a monitoring device like splitsecnd in your teen’s car, helps you make sure your teen stays within the safe boundaries you’ve determined while establishing trust and accountability.

During this peak of teen driving fatalities, a conversation about driving boundaries is key. Setting boundaries helps set the expectation with your teen about what the newfound freedom of driving means. Examples of great boundaries to set – and then expand upon once your teen has gained experience on the road – are driving curfews, expected check-ins, and distance boundaries.

  1. Driving Curfew: How late can they drive? Your city or state might have a set curfew for teens being out, especially for teens with learner’s permits or newly issues licenses, so be sure to check your local laws. Curfews for teens set a clear expectation on when they can be out driving.
  2. Check-Ins: Do you want to know when they get there? A good idea is to set a check-in policy with your teen – a text or quick call when they arrive or leave a location may help bridge the gap between you and your teen in building trust while driving.
  3. Location Boundaries: Where can your teen go? While it may not be feasible or desirable to dictate each place they go, a radius boundary is a great way to limit where your teen travels and keep them close. For new drivers, a couple mile radius may be helpful.

Screenshot image of the splitsecnd Dashboard showing a boundarysplitsecnd wants to make the driving safer for your teen, so we take care of suggestions 2 and 3 for you. When you plug a splitsecnd device in your teens car and set a boundary alert, you will get a notification when your teen enters or exits that boundary radius. You can also track your teen’s trips and get to-the-minute information on whether they’re driving or parked by checking your splitsecnd dashboard.


Screenshot Image of the splitsecnd Dashboard showing a vehicle tripHaving a new driver in your family may make you nervous, but with splitsecnd, you can always know that your teen is safe and connected, especially during this dangerous time of year to be on the road.