Published by Telematics News on March 3, 2017

splitsecnd, a provider of car connectivity for crash detection and emergency response, announced a new agreement with SAP to provide a connected car platform for any vehicle to utilize SAP® Vehicles Network services.

Through the agreement, splitsecnd will enable drivers to connect to the SAP Vehicles Network by providing any vehicle connectivity, independent of car make, model, phone, or network carrier.  By connecting the splitsecnd device into the 12 Volt outlet (aka: “cigarette lighter outlet”), the device connects the vehicle into SAP Vehicle Network without the need to be limited to a particular cellular carrier.  This allows any of the 250 million aftermarket vehicles in the United States to connect to SAP’s ecosystem.

SAP Vehicles Network harnesses the power of SAP HANA® Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things and offers companies and partners the opportunity to create new mobility services and apps for consumer use. It improves the way drivers can benefit from mobile and geolocation services. This can cover the entire trip, helping drivers before and after the journey as well.

SAP Vehicles Network also allows app providers and automotive companies an opportunity to gain access to tens of thousands of mobile payment-enabled parking garages and gas stations in key markets. As a result, companies can improve the driver and passenger’s digital experience by using mobile wallets and third-party apps for an integrated in-vehicle experience.

Source: SAP, splitsecnd