splitsecnd is headquartered in Nashville, a city where we see plenty of tourism, and we can tell summer vacations for travelers are in full swing. It seems that there are more cars with license plates from other states than ones for Tennessee driving around! 45% of Americans take a summer vacation, with 9 out of 10 summer trips made in cars. That amounts to over 650 million long-distance summer trips in the U.S. Did you already take your summer vacation? Are you gearing up to hit the road before school starts?

“Families continue to see the value of traveling as a way to bond and reconnect in today’s busy world,” reports Bill Sutherland, senior VP at AAA. We couldn’t agree more! Nothing is better than sincere time with family spent going on adventures and having carefree fun in the sun. Whether you’re headed to the beach, a national park, a bustling city, or a historical site, we want to make sure your family has a safe summer and travels connected.

July and August are the most deadly months for drivers. If you’re preparing to go on your summer road trip, don’t forget to plug in your splitsecnd device. Unfamiliar roads, summer storms, and other travelers driving near you searching for their exit could make your fun summer travel a dangerous one.

No natter where your travels take you, splitsecnd ensures you and your family can always get the emergency help you need.