Privacy Policy

We value our relationship with you, and protecting your privacy is very important to us. The purpose of this privacy statement (the “Statement”) is to explain to you what information we may collect in connection with providing the splitsecnd Service (the “Service”) and under what circumstances we may share or use that information with others. This Statement is an important part of our fundamental Terms and Conditions policies outlined on that page, which is incorporated into this page by reference and should be read carefully along with this Statement prior to using the Service.

1. Why we collect your information:
Our fundamental purpose in collecting your information is to maximize our ability to respond in the most effective and efficient manner when providing you with the Service. Each piece of information we collect from you either directly enhances our efforts in connecting you to the appropriate emergency services provider or enhances our ability to facilitate the Service.

2. What information we collect from you:

  • Your contact information, including your name, address, email address, phone number, and emergency contact information.
  • Your billing information, including your credit card number. Any sensitive billing information provided to us by you is encrypted when it is transmitted between your computer and our website in order to protect such information.


3. What information we collect from your splitsecnd device and how we use it:
When your splitsecnd device (the “Device”) is plugged in and operational, the Device uses a proprietary detection system to alert our systems that an accident may have occurred in your car. When this happens, our software uses global positioning satellite (“GPS”) technology to determine the approximate location of your vehicle in order for the splitsecnd response center to connect you to the nearest public-safety answering point and accelerate their efforts in assisting you. splitsecnd has a service called family finder which is a service that monitors the location of the vehicle when the vehicle is on and makes the location data available online to the purchaser of the product or whomever has been given the login credentials by the purchaser for that Device. The technology for the family finder service will be active when you receive your Device.

4. Who we disclosure your information to:
The ability to share your information with outside support providers is critical for us to effectively administer the Service and fulfill our mission of enhancing post-collision support systems for drivers. By subscribing to the Service, you consent to allowing us to provide information about your vehicle, your location, and our communications with you to emergency service providers. We may also share or sell anonymized information (information that can no longer be traced to you or your car) to any third party.

5. Additional information:
In the event that you decide to deactivate your device, you will need to write to splitsecnd and request that your information is deleted. If you do not request this information be deleted, it will be left to our discretion whether the information is kept. If you have any questions regarding this Statement or our privacy practices in general, please feel free to contact us by emailing us through our website at or writing to us at Cyber Physical Systems LLC, 1305 Clinton St, Suite 220, Nashville, TN 37203.