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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Plug and Play Mobility has selected 15 startups to join its first batch. The program will run from September 15th to December 31st. The 12-week program connects startups to some of world’s largest corporations innovating in the mobility space. The founding anchor partners include Mercedes-Benz, RATP Group, Michelin and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Plug and Play’s venture arm initially looked at over 800 startups and narrowed that list down in collaboration with participating corporate partners. The remaining 21 startups attended Selection Day where they pitched their ideas in-person. Out of those finalists, 15 have been chosen to join the program for business development and the possibility of pilots, POCs, or strategic funding.

“This first group of Mobility startups paints a clear picture of what trends large corporations in this space are looking at.  A few areas of focus are connected car, autonomous driving, smart city, and fleet management,” said Phillip Vincent, Director of Plug and Play Mobility. “With automotive-related companies and startups moving to Silicon Valley in recent years, we hope to be the platform in which these companies can create meaningful engagements that will shape the future of the space.”

Batch One includes the following startups:


airXsys is a smart parking monitoring and management system designed to identify empty parking spaces and monitor traffic in real time. By introducing a system that’s easy to install and at a fraction of the cost of traditional parking monitoring solutions, we are going to disrupt the parking management industry, democratize parking monitoring solution and provide data that will dramatically improve lot turnover, city traffic and parking management, and overall customer satisfaction.


BestMile is revolutionizing mobility by providing the first platform allowing for the intelligent operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets, regardless of their brand or type. Using cutting-edge algorithms, the platform sends optimized missions to the vehicles and seamlessly handles planning, dispatching, routing, and battery charging management. BestMile also provides both front-end and back-end interfaces for operators and passengers, such as mobile and web applications.


Caruma is a powerful vision-based connected car platform that uses the underlining technologies found in autonomous driving vehicles to improve safety and security for the 1.2 billion vehicles on the road today, as well as those envisioned for the future.


CloudCar™ provides the most powerful platform for building next generation connected vehicle experiences. Our cloud based services and content are constantly evolving, ensuring an ever-green experience to your customers. The CloudCar™ platform is distinct in that it offers the OEM: a driver-centric intuitive experience, control of data, rapid deployment of services, and expansion to new geographic regions without requiring firmware updates.


Driveway invented Smartphone Telematics. Based in Silicon Valley, Driveway developed and patented the technology that enables insurers to measure and reward good driving behavior without the need for a plug-in device in the car. The company provides a turnkey, smartphone+cloud platform to deliver a cost-effective and frictionless UBI experience, which turns ordinary drivers into safe drivers and helps insurers find and reward them. On its sixth generation software platform, Driveway has the most mature technology and the most experienced team in the smartphone telematics space. For more information, visit

Fingertips Lab

Fingertips Lab’s first product is O6 – an exciting new way to interact with mobile apps without looking at or touching a screen. O6 is saving lives and protecting our roads from one of the leading causes of fatal crashes – distracted driving. O6 not only protects drivers but also adds productive time to your day by letting you stay connected during your commute, workout or chores while still allowing you to focus your eyes on your environment.

Our product consists of a mobile app called O6 that turns apps, articles and inboxes into interactive audio playlists. The app is complimented by a tactile/haptic device that lets you remotely control your entire experience without any visual engagement. Together, the O6 eyes-free experience is far more accurate, responsive, and natural for browsing than any existing voice command system.

HEVO Power

Built on the vision of creating the global standard for wireless charging, HEVO’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles through the deployment of its wireless charging network. People, planet and power represent the core values of HEVO’s business, products and services. By providing a fast, safe and affordable wireless charging network that delivers locally resourced energy to customers with electric vehicles, HEVO and its partners will lead the transportation evolution. This evolution will achieve greater energy independence and protect the environment and security interests of future generations.


Founded in 2015, IRYStec Software Inc. is a pioneer in perceptual display processing technology. IRYStec licenses its patent-pending Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) software to consumer device and automotive OEMs. PDP is the first software only solution that adapts in real time both the colour and contrast of the displayed content to match how the eye sees in dark and bright conditions and personalizes the rendering to account for factors such as age. This significantly improves the viewing experience on all displays improving readability across all ambient light conditions, reducing eyestrain and reducing power consumption. Based in Montreal, Canada, IRYStec was a winner of the 2016 Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup Tech Challenge. For more information, contact, visit


Mojio is the leading open platform for connected cars. Trusted by Europe’s leading wireless carrier, Deutsche Telekom, Mojio is the platform of choice for scalable deployment of secure connected car services for enterprise customers, including wireless carriers, auto manufacturers, car dealers, insurers and fleets.


Wherever, whenever, however a traveler wants to get around, Mozio aims to help her find and book the right option for her. From on-demand rideshare services to public transportation, trains and more, Mozio is working on enabling people to get around, regardless of what mode of transportation they choose to use. Starting with 2500 airports around the world and now expanding to cities, Mozio is building the infrastructure needed to enable people to seamlessly find and book ground transportation worldwide.


ParkWise is a crowd-sourcing mobile app providing drivers with real-time info about available and soon-to-be available street parking spots. As well as parking regulations and notifications at their parking location.

At Pilot AI Labs, we have built a deep-learning based computer vision framework targeted towards running on compute-constrained embedded devices. This framework enables functionality like highly accurate object detection, object tracking, object identification, and image/video search all on a device the size of a GoPro. This enables many applications where computer vision was previously intractable, such as environments where bandwidth limits connectivity to the cloud, or where real-time response to environmental changes is required.


Relimetrics is developing Industry 4.0 image correlation software to evaluate and monitor mechanical reliability of materials across industries.

At Relimetrics, we are disrupting the current mechanical reliability industry by replacing the existing bulky image correlation systems with mobile, IoT connected, user-friendly systems that allow users to both visualize and quantify mechanical information real-time. We are making image correlation a mobile tool that any engineer can easily use in all phases of the engineering lifecycle. We are bridging it with augmented reality to make it easy to use, visualize and comprehend the results across industries. Our platform solution will be sensor agnostic and integrated with smart devices to create impulses on a material and view the results in different imaging modalities.


Artificial intelligence platform that helps people explore cities using simple, natural language.


Headquartered in Nashville, TN, splitsecnd is the most simple and effective portable crash response, emergency service, and trip monitoring device on the market. The device immediately calls emergency responders if you are in a crash and directs them to where you are. It also allows you to monitor the whereabouts of a driver you care about from any smartphone, tablet or computer; and allows drivers to call for help 24/7 with the push of a button. splitsecnd comes right out of the box ready to plug into the 12V outlet of any vehicle, no matter the make, model or year.


Swiftly builds intelligent transportation systems to help transit agencies improve their network performance while reducing operating costs, congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions. Swiftly is working with industry leaders and global transportation operators to deploy this technology around the world.


Vinli is a cloud connected car platform designed to enable automotive service and applications value for OEM’s, suppliers, dealerships, independent automotive aftercare, fleets and developers. We also offer a high speed LTE OBD-II automotive adapter which transforms existing cars by streaming low-latency vehicle telemetry data and enabling in-vehicle 4G WiFi hotspot.


Wingz connects people with a driver they know, like and trust, for all the needs of the family.

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