“My security blanket”.

For one of our original splitsecnd users, Estelle, her splitsecnd device is just that. splitsecnd can be so beneficial for families of all ages, sizes, and stages of life. One crucial group that splitsecnd hopes to help are those who worry about “driving alone”. After her husband passed away, Estelle was uncomfortable getting out to drive by herself. Seeking to uphold her independence, Estelle’s family looked for a solution. What could they do to gain the security for both sides- Estelle was looking for added safety while out driving, and her family wanted the comfort of knowing where she was in case of an emergency. Estelle’s son first found splitsecnd when they learned her car could not be fitted with OnStar, which isn’t compatible with all vehicles, unlike our device which can go in any car. She’s been using the device for nearly a year, taking it on every outing.

Estelle now drives often, calling her device her “travel buddy”. She says that splitsecnd helps her not feel alone while traveling, which has been crucial to Estelle’s freedom. She has been lucky to never have to use the device because of a crash, but has used its capabilities before when lost while out driving. Estelle’s daughter was able to look up her mother’s location on the dashboard tied to Estelle’s device in her car. Seeing her GPS location, she then could route Estelle home without panic. Imagine what a relief that was for her daughter; without splitsecnd, how would she have found her? Her family receives great peace of mind being able to find her safely and easily. And Estelle loves the freedom it has given her.

Do you have loved ones who worry about driving alone? In Estelle’s words when asked how driving with her splitsecnd device in the car with her: “You are not alone!”. splitsecnd may be that “buddy” your family member needs to feel secure while on the road.