Josh is much more than a numbers guy: he’s a family man and voracious reader with a knack for making everyone on the splitsecnd team laugh.

Josh Bowling VP of Finance and OperationsWhat brought you to Nashville?

I came to Nashville for a job after completing my undergrad degree. I looked in several major cities across the southeast and the best opportunity for me at the time was in Nashville. When I moved here, I never expected to stay, and yet, 20 years, a family, one dog, and a guinea pig later here I am!

If you could have brought one thing from your hometown to Nashville, what would it be?

My English Lab Rusty

What’s your favorite hidden gem in Nashville?

Well, its not really hidden but I am always surprised at how many people don’t really take advantage of Percy and Edwin Warner Parks. Some of my best mornings have been spent hiking/running the trails, coaching soccer in the open meadow by the Belle Meade entrance or cheering on friends running the Flying Monkey.  That place is a true asset to Nashville for sure!

If you were moving away tomorrow, where would your last supper be?

Well the answer is not that easy for me. I would make it a day of last suppers. To start, I would have my buddy Jon make some of his ribs and barbecue for Breakfast. For lunch, I would head to 12 South Taproom (on the patio) for raw oysters a Ribeye Special Quesadilla and an assortment of their beer list. After that, I would head to Papa Boudreaux’s, in Santa Fe off of the Natchez Trace, for family style cajun dinner. A night eating with Papa and close friends would end the day perfectly!

Say your car broke down in the middle of nowhere and you forgot your splitsecnd device (gasp!), so help wouldn’t arrive for weeks. You have ample water and food, so what three things could you not go without?

WiFi – solely because it is the basis for the other two necessities

Google Play Music – C’mon its music and no sane person could go weeks without that!

Kindle Paperwhite – As long as I had access to books, I could make it.