Antoine Cheron splitsecndHélas, this is the last week that splitsecnd will spend with Antoine on our team, as the summer and his internship come to a close. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family, and we’re going to miss his smarts, sense of humor, and hunger to learn and help out in any way he can. We wanted to give him the best experience of America that we possibly could, both inside the office and out, from celebrating his 21st birthday in Nashville style, to Eddie giving him a tour around New York City.

So we were happy to read his reflections on his summer in the post below, and that he’s enjoyed his time on our team as much as we have with him. Au revoir Antoine!

After my fourth year at college (in France we do 5 years), I had to do a 3 months internship. And as a young guy, I want to discover a lot of new things. Also, I love cars and connected objects.

So, what better way to discover new things than going abroad to work with a company that creates a connected object for cars ? And what better country than the US to work in the connected object industry? This is exactly why I came to the US to work at splitsecnd.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what was going to happen. And I discovered an amazing team! Everybody at splitsecnd has been very nice, everybody is doing amazing things and it is very inspiring to work with the team. Although working at splitsecnd has been quite an independent working experience. When there are only seven people and everybody is working on different things, you cannot hope that someone else will make a decision for you in an area of your expertise. This is exactly why doing an internship in a startup taught me about growing up, having to make decisions on my own, to be accountable, to be curious, to look to other people and understand the culture to make the right decisions. Now you might wonder, what is my expertise?

I study software, hardware and network engineering. But at splitsecnd, I’ve mainly been a software engineer and this experience confirmed that I want to work both on design, user experience, and software in a team that all works together. I also realized that I really want to become an expert in software and network engineering, as I am very passionate about these things.

Thankfully, this experience has been way more than a working experience, it has been a real life experience. Living in the US and working at splitsecnd showed me how important it is to work with people that makes you happy to go work every morning. I discovered how friendly the American people are, how good the food is in Nashville and how different is the culture between the US and France. I’ll give you a few examples: in France, we can spend hours seated at a table after finishing dinner to hang out with friends, but in the US you don’t do that. In the US, you often talk with a total stranger at a sports game, but in France people will think that you are weird. And my last example is how cities are built based on what people usually do. You guys have a lot of small blocks of shops, restaurants and bars anywhere, in France everything is in one area downtown. Because of that, the French people just go downtown to walk around, in the US when you go somewhere you know why!

Finally, these 3 months here in Nashville have changed me more than I expected. I realized that what makes your life amazing is the people you share your life with, and I will definitely never forget these people, these faces. Back in France, I will definitely be more friendly with people, and take care a lot more of the people I love. This will finally be the most important lesson of my trip: I needed to be 4,300 miles away from my family and friends to realize how important these people are to me, and I will probably terribly miss these people in the US, that will be 4,300 miles away from me…  – Antoine Cheron