Driving Tips for Teens

Driving Tips for Teens

That’s right. Not reckless; wreckless. With almost ten billion more people on the roads each month in 2015 than 2014, the time has never been better to learn a few quick defensive driving tips that could end up saving your teens life. So, make sure to read through the tips below and share them with any new (well, and experienced) drivers to ensure that they’re always safe behind the wheel.

1. Don’t count on other people.

You’re the only one you can control on the road. Don’t assume that other drivers see you and are aware of your signals. Wait for clear signs to merge, and make sure you’re as visible as possible. This means you have your headlights on even at dusk and dawn, and use your turn signals whenever you change lanes or make a turn.

2. Watch your speed.

Speeding is classified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a decision error that causes as much as one third of all crashes. Keeping your speed under the speed limit can help you prevent crashes caused by a car going too fast to control.

3. Keep your eyes on the road.

One of the most widely published driving tips on the internet today is simply to set down the phone. Your mind will be focused where your eyes are, so make sure when you’re driving they’re focused on the road ahead.

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If you have driving tips for teens to share with readers, reach out to the splitsecnd team so we can post it here!