For the past month, we’ve posted facts and statistics on social media about things that happen in a split second of our everyday lives. Check out the hashtag #thedifferenceasplitsecndmakes to see all the facts. Be it how many emails are sent or how many pieces of pizza are consumed, it’s eye opening to see just how valuable a split second can be. More happens in a split second than you may realize, which is part of our important message about driver safety.

A split second can mean everything: a child could run out into the road, another driver could cut you off, a pothole may throw you sideways, weather conditions could put you off the road, or a distracted driver could veer into your lane. In that moment, that split second, what do you do? We don’t always have the time to react. A crash can happen in a fraction of a second. When the worst happens, what’s the best thing that can happen? You get the help you need, fast.

After a car crash, EVERY SECOND is important. Depending on the extent of the injury, every moment you’re not receiving medical attention could be one of your last. In the split second of after crash dismay, you want emergency crews to you or your family member as quickly as possible. Our technology gives you a first responder advantage, in that no matter your location, if anyone called for help, or if you’re able to respond, you’re covered.

#thedifferenceasplitsecndmakes is a reminder that small moments can mean big things. A splitsecnd can make all the difference. 

Is your family connected and safe in case of a splitsecnd emergency?