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You’ll work alongside passionate creators, innovators and entrepreneurs that really care about their craft and building a company that positively impacts others.


Our HQ is situated in a hundred-year-old mill only seconds from downtown, within walking distance of two (yes, 2) distilleries.


Above all, we value output, not time worked, and we encourage our team members to work how, when and where they are most productive.


In all regards, we take care of our employees, so they can focus on their craft and keeping as many drivers as safe and connected as possible.


We’ll set you up with any hardware + software combination to ensure that you have the best tools for your trade.


We believe rejuvenated employees are the best employees, so we offer unlimited vacation but require team members to take at least 4 weeks off per year.

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Join the splitsecnd team on our journey towards creating safer roads for all
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