Just like that, summer is coming to a close. The school supply aisles of stores are getting picked over, new school clothes have been laid out, and lunch boxes are packed. After the fun and leisure of summer, it’s important to remind ourselves how to drive safely now that school is back in session.

Drop-off Lanes Require Attention

Carpool lanes can get hectic! Mornings are madness, and when you’re rushing to get the kids dropped off and get to work, it’s easy to be in autopilot mode when going through the drop-off line. From my experience, kids jump out of cars before they get to the door, often zig-zagging through cars. Proceed slowly, checking all of your mirrors before you move. Carpool isn’t the time to be on the phone or be distracted- young lives are all around you, so be careful!

Bus Stop Awareness

I remember as a kid being so antsy and bored waiting for the bus, which led to playing around the bus stop. Bus stops may be along a main road, or just around the corner in your neighborhood. When driving in the morning and afternoon, be conscious that children will be walking near a roadway, and they might not be watching where they’re walking. As the adult and driver, it’s up to you to take it slow and keep an eye out for children.

Watch for Walkers

Similar to being aware of children at and walking to and from the bus stop, be careful in school zones of those walking to school from nearby neighborhoods. Kids love to take shortcuts, crossing alleys and yards, not in crosswalks.

Be Considerate of Teen Drivers

Back to school includes teens, half of which might have a license and be driving to school. With newness comes mistakes, hesitation, and not as quick of a response time. Driving to school is a thrill – no more bus, more independence. While we can teach our teens all of the safety tips in the book, know that with the chaos of a busy school zone and often hundreds of people coming to the same place at once, teens may be a little more hesitant when pulling up to school. Give them space and the gift of patience!